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Sunday School

Children's Sunday School at Holy Trinity uses the Bold Transformational Faith program produced jointly by Cross Road Camp and Retreat Center & Luther Crest Bible Camp. The interactive weekly lessons follow the ELCA lectionary readings. Sunday School begins at 9AM and dismisses in time for worship attendance at 10AM. Parents are always welcome to participate in class with their children, but are not required.

Sunday School @9:00am

Nursery care is offered for children younger than 4.

Elementary Sunday School Teachers:

Laura Poethke

Danielle Ercolani

Middle School & High School

Bonnie Mazza

Nursery Teacher & helper:

Karin Schmalz & Kaylyn Hargrave


We are making a difference!

Thank you to all members and friends who helped our Sunday School collect "pop tops" during the past year.  On September 19 we delivered nearly 15 pounds of aluminum tabs to the Ronald McDonald House of Southern New Jersey.  RMH uses the proceeds to keep the housing cost for families super affordable.  This project is ongoing, so keep up the good work and donate the tabs from beverage and soup cans!

Rock wall April 30
lunch April 30 a
lunch April 30 b
Game April 30

Crossroads Youth Retreat

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